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Our Origins

Our humble journey began in 1998. We started as an online business working with the cooperative of a local public university, selling only fixed or preapproved designs.

However, the demand for custom designs grew, with customers requesting us to accommodate their unique asks for designs. That was the turning point to greater things as we saw a need and fulfilled it.

We transitioned from a niche market to a broader customer base, serving customers across various sectors, both government and private.


Our Growth

We’ve always believed that clothing is not only a necessity, but also an endless demand. Our passion and expertise for custom tshirts continued to grow over more than two decades in the industry. Initially, we were a small, onelot shop, where we worked tirelessly with no machinery. Imagine sewing and embroidering manually by hand!

Since then, we’ve grown into a twolot fully equipped facility, now boasting embroidery, sublimation, heat press, sewing, and cutting machines, helping us to fulfill our clients’ tshirt needs with precision and efficiency.


Our Core Values


We are passionate people doing passionate work! And it’s our passion that has fueled our enthusiasm for and dedication to what we do since the very beginning.


We believe in being transparent and honest with our customers in all our interactions, and never compromising the quality of our products.


We’re committed to delivering top-notch products and services of world standards.


Customer needs are always our top priority, ensuring we meet and fulfill them at all stages of the process.


As they say, “Team work makes the dream work”, and that’s true in all aspects of our business, whether collaborating within our team, or with our valued customers.


Our Tagline

“Local Factory, World Quality” captures our story perfectly. Though we started off small and humble, right here in Malaysia, we guarantee quality that matches global standards.


Our Future

In January 2023, we rebranded ourselves as BajuBarn, becoming the reliable, steadfast No. 1 factory in the country. We’ve conquered the local scene, but with our drive, we believe it’s only a matter of time before we conquer the world!