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Our Empire

We envision a global BajuBarn empire, where every customer, whether individual or organization, regardless of size or industry, entrusts us to deliver products of the highest quality.



Our vision is to be the premier destination for custom apparel, known for our creativity, quality, and customercentric approach. We aim to inspire confidence and pride in one’s individuality or organization. Our ultimate goal is to become the top custom tshirt factory not only in Malaysia, but also globally.


Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses to express their unique identities through
personalized apparel. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and service, always doing so with passion and integrity, and achieving it as a team as we continuously strive to exceed our customers expectations.

Decades of Experience

With over 20 years of expertise since our establishment in 1998, you can trust our wealth of knowledge and time-tested techniques that deliver the best results.

One-Stop Solution

From design to delivery, raw material to finished product, we offer comprehensive solutions for all your custom apparel needs.

World-Class Quality

With the latest and state-of-the-art equipment, and our twenty-year expertise and professional craftsmanship, we ensure every product meets the highest standards of quality.

Personalized Service

Our team goes above and beyond to understand and fulfill each customer's unique requirements.


World-Class T-Shirts For Our Customers

We’ve got the expertise, the facility, the passion, and the best products. We walk the talk. Here’s why customers come back to us again and again.